Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GROW - tips for LiViNG green! - Tip 005 - perfume - try something natural

Tip 005 - perfume

Reduce your use of perfume, or eliminate it altogether!  

Marketing companies in America; have once again convinced the public that by using these perfumes; you will gain status, live glamously, you will be more attractive, etc.

But PLEASE people consider this:
perfume is usually a chemical bathed in formaldehyde!  how does smelling like chemicals make you a better, more attractive person? 

Believe me; my nose is very sensative, and most perfumes to me-smell like bug spray, not roses or the beach.  

Whats worse, are the body sprays. In fact, most of them still contain harmfull propellents (which make them spray).  

If you need a little extra scent, i recommend zumbar and deep steep natural fragrances.  

We have to stop thinking that adding chemicals to our bodies will resolve 'THE STINK'.  you gotta wash that stink off!  and you dont do that by using chemicals!  it just masks it.  

As far as being more glamourous, or have a better social status...well, thats up to YOU to determine...not some faux idea of that; conjured up by a marketing company; which has NO CLUE WHO YOU ARE! :-)

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