Monday, January 2, 2012

GROW - tips for LiViNG green! - Tip 004 - water cleaning

Tip 004 - replace chemicals with water

Try this - when you are cleaning your house/apt; think about the amount of spray you use.
Start with water - then to disinfect give it a 'once over' with your favorite cleaning product.

Regarding your favorite product - WHY is it your favorite?

Some times WE get used to the idea of buying the same products over and over...just because its something we have said 'this works'. But rather than 'following' your regular brand, you REALLY should 'switch it up' - try something new.

some window cleaning products show 2 spritz from the spray bottle to clean a tiny mirror. why not try 1?

when you are cleaning tough messes in the kitchen, you should first use a reuseable sponge or my favorite - a dish brush; to cut down on the papertowel consumption. your cleaning time will be cut in half, and by using water, your chemical consumption is also reduced.

think about this - when you reduce the amount of chemicals you use, it in turn slows the process of the supply and that factory has now a smaller demand. this is a VERY small step...but its a start :-)

i like seventh generation -

i still recommend starting with water.

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  1. this is to date my favorite tip! it doesnt seem like it would make a difference, but when you start to calculate those paper towels being used to wipe down surfaces, and start paying more attention to the amount of sprays you apply, it begins to ADD up! you will see a difference, understand that difference, and can apply it to all of your 'regular' consumptions. best of all, its FREE and 'free' :-)