Thursday, January 5, 2012

GROW - tips for LiViNG green! - Tip 006 - toothpaste marketing

Tip 006- toothpaste

Once again - marketing has so cleverly wormed its way into your pocket book! 

A friend of mine told me that his father used to work at a toothbrush company (one of the big ones).  They were trying to figure out ways that they could increase SALES! the old opening (rectangle) was changed to a circle opening; then, a swirl was added (to commercials and marketing materials) to show people how THEY want you to use the toothpaste!  this tripled the sales.

Obviously, ANY company wants to make money, and thats not the problem here.  I think what bothers me most are these deliberate 'tactics' that annoy me.  

So when you are squeezing that toothpaste tomorrow morning; just REALLY dont need a ton of toothpaste - or the swirl.  Those things just make the toothpaste companies richer.

simple drawing in illustrator CS5 by me

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