Sunday, January 1, 2012

GROW - tips for LiViNG green! - Tip 003 - new years resolution diets

This New Years - a lot of people have made resolutions regarding diet and exercise.

This is great! A fresh start. A new year.

However, what soon follows are the daily tasks, stress and destractions that impede the original plans for a healthy lifestyle.

The key to a successful health plan; is to understand that it is a LIFE CHANGE and not a diet.

By that, I mean that your whole relationship (that YOU have with food) should be throughly examined.  

THE #1 RULE is to eat ONLY when you are hungry! 

Do you eat because you are bored?  or when you are angry?  

Do you say, "i need some comfort food"?  

Americans always seem to associate foods with comfort.  When REALLY, food is about getting  our bodies full of nutrition/energy.  FUEL.  

So many people diet, and when the diet ends, they go back to their over eating and the junk foods.  

If we understand that food needs to supply our body with nutrients - then why do we have constant cravings for garbage?  

Part of the problem; is that garbage foods usually contain addictive ingredients, in order to:

well, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH FUELing OUR BODY!  

When you decide to change your relationship with food, and ASK yourself 
WHY AM I EATING THIS?  you will begin to gain an understanding.

Good Luck with those resolutions!

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